3 Ways to Improve Your Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Pay per click advertising (PPC), when carried out correctly, can be one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to a website. However, less experienced businesses often make some common mistakes which prevent their PPC campaigns from succeeding as much as they should.

google-adwordsThe most common Pay Per Click programs are those provided by Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, although there are also many other lesser known ones. Internet marketers specify a daily advertising budget which is gradually depleted as web surfers click on their advertisements linking to the websites being advertised. The cost per click varies depending on the keyword or keyword phrase in use and to get the best results, it is essential to use optimal keywords and suitable ad placement. Consider the following methods to help improve your PPC campaign.

Choose Specific Keywords

Many less experienced advertisers make the mistake of using broad match keywords rather than a specific keyword which focuses more effectively on the targeted audience. If you use broad match keywords in Pay Per Click advertising, your ads will appear not only for your chosen keyword, but for all similar keywords as well. This does increase the exposure of your advertisements but at the same time, it does not target the right viewers so effectively and you can end up with irrelevant clicks. Don’t forget that every click costs money, so you want to be converting as many of those clicks into customers as possible. In short, always use relevant, specific keywords for effective targeted advertising.

Target Your Ad Campaigns Effectively

As with regards to choosing the right keywords, targeting your ad campaigns in a temporal and geographical way is also important for getting relevant clicks. Pay Per Click services such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads provide features which allow you to specify when and where your ads are seen. You can choose to advertise in multiple countries as well. If you do this, however, you should setup separate advertisements for each country so that their content is relevant to local people. If you cannot provide local ads for local people, limit your ad placement to your own country for the time being.

In addition to targeting only specific countries, you can also target specific cities and regions. This is particularly useful if you are advertising a local business such as a small shop or restaurant in your own city. Targeting your ads on a micro-geographic basis will help to ensure that only people in the exact relevant area will be able to see and click on them. Similarly, you can usually specify the time of day when you want the ads to be displayed.

Ensure that Your Ads direct to a Relevant Landing Page

Ads should always be relevant to what they are trying to advertise. A web surfer who clicks on one of your ads should end up at a relevant landing page which immediately lives up to their expectations and, even better, impresses them even more. If the web surfer ends up at an irrelevant landing page, the whole process will be disrupted and you will most likely have wasted the cost of the click. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your advertisements lead to relevant landing pages is to keep the number of keywords low.


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