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H&K International supply kitchen equipment to the food industry worldwide, and they needed an international presence on the internet that reflected their passion and the achievements that the company has made so far.

Grafton Media got behind the project 100% with a freshly rebranded website, retaining the existing company colours and allowing these to flow through the new design. Features such a brand new blog area, Google Maps (including a “Get Directions To” facility) and about pages were used to open up the site to a larger audience, while still representing the company in a clean, professional way.

Key points were highlighted on the homepage to drive traffic through certain channels and ensure a higher enquiry rate.

One of the larger challenges facing the team who built the site was the ability to maintain a delicate balance while working on the existing H&K International servers, as certain services had to remain running and untouched while the new site was put in place over the top. Through great communication internally and with the H&K team, Grafton Media ensured a smooth, seamless transition over to the new site.

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