Special Needs Parents Association – Grafton Media

The Special Needs Parents Association (SNPA) originally came to us looking for help to create a community website that would be the central resource for all parents with children that had special needs.

We recommended to them that a complete rebrand of their logo and image was needed to show that they are a serious player in the charity sector, pushing them out there and be seen as a great charity.

They agreed and after a few days of designing, we came up with the fresh new logo that is seen today representing the charity. We then took the fun elements of this logo and streamed them through a great new design for their site, incorporating all the features they required, and a few more that we thought would be fun!

Our aim was to not only create a resourceful site full of information, but also create a community where parents can come and find the help and support they require. Also by keeping it fun, we allowed the kids to interact with the site themselves, randomising photos of them from the photo gallery too.

Client Testimonial

Lorraine Dempsey, Head of the SNPA said the following about the work carried out with Grafton Media:

“The enthusiasm from the team at Grafton Media was palpable from the start which was a real boost to us, considering that we had a substantial wish-list and were looking for a company willing to take on board a charity with little resources but big ideas.

“The development process was not one that I was familiar with, but the team made it so easy for us to map out our vision of what we wanted to achieve through a new website, what our members needed from the site, accessibility and the overall look that we were aiming for. We were already very active on Twitter and Facebook, but needed more integration between these and a website that we would be proud to link back to. Over a period of time, a site map was developed to encompass the large volume of information we wished to host. The expertise of the team became more evident throughout this process and we value the professionalism and in particular, the creativity and energy that the staff at Grafton Media have brought to the project.”

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