What was Facebook’s announcement?

What was Facebook’s announcement? 

Graph Search – the 3 pillars to Facebook (Newsfeed, Timeline & the new Graph Search)  Graph Search was built with privacy in mind. “Most of the content on Facebook isn’t public, so you want a way to find things that have been shared with you.
10 percent of Facebook’s computing power is spent on ensuring privacy. Apparently.

Facebook AnnouncementIt sounds like Facebook has just made it even easier to stalk with their new search functionality coming soon! Or does it?

Back to privacy issues… If a person only shares their profile info with friends, then they won’t show up in search. Unless you are their friend, of course. Still, not sure if I am confortable with this at all.

People can easily search through your picture by typing in “Eimear playing tennis” and it will group all my pictures. A question I have about this is if you need to tag your photos appropriately or if it just knows based on the photo’s geotag/timestamp etc?

You can also tie the search to other interests. For example, you can search for “music liked by people who like Grafton Media“. You can also search for services in the locality but you can go one step further – example used on stage “restaurants in San Francisco liked by friends from India. Lars confirmed that the top result returned is, indeed, delicious”.

The graph search page is live now, complete with demo videos. Though it seems like not everyone has access to the feature yet. http://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

Limited beta rolls out today, and it’ll start slow, and as more info is indexed, it’ll roll out more widely.

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